I strongly recommend Scott Passeser as a communicator and speaker.

Scott came to speak at my 21st Century Job Skills class on the topic entitled “Ninja Secrets of Persuasion for Job Seekers.” The talk was well organized, pertinent to the audience and was delivered extemporaneously. After the talk, the audience felt comfortable enough to ask many questions. This presentation could be adapted to many audiences. If he is available when the next session of my class runs, I would be happy to have him put in a repeat performance for a new group.
I am happy to be available to anyone seeking additional information.” November 9, 2010

Karen Mura

Director of Strategic Business Development, Marketing, Industrial Outreach-Stony Brook University CEWIT Advanced Energy Center

“My wife and I went to Scott in 1991 for his job help because of his reputation at that time, I had just sold a long term business and we were looking for new direction with Scotts expertise (even then) he got my wife a job at Bloomingdales in the rug dept. Marilyn is still at the job. Thanks Scott! He also gave me great advice directing me to the merchant credit card business and I am pleased to report I followed his advise and at this point I am still in that very good business of selling merchant credit card processing making a good living and loving the business. Thanks Scott!” August 17, 2010
Steve Schwimmer – hired Scott as a Career Coach in 1991

“After working with Scott on several industry events, I am happy to say that we are now friends. Scott brings tremendous expertise to every project, and his ability to get things done is remarkable. A door opener to the nth degree, Scott has a passion for his work that is unmatched. I recommend him highly, and I’m looking forward to our next project together.” January 12, 2010

Catherine Calame, MBA, Director of Marketing and PR, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.

“Scott is the consummate professional, and his communications skills are among the best I’ve ever seen. In the years I’ve known Scott I’ve found him to be extremely talented, and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services to others.” December 24, 2009

Peter Ekstrom, President amp; CEO, Dealbuilders, Inc.

“I have worked directly and indirectly with Scott for nearly ten years. I am very comfortable in expressing that he has incredible energy and a “do whatever is needed roll up your sleeves” mentality to achieve business objectives. His positive demeanor, employment experience and knowledge in marketing and business development sets him far above anyone I have been associated with in the job recruitment industry.” January 3, 2010