Ninja Secrets Of Persuasion

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Scott Passeser is a well known motivational speaker on the sujects of Persuasion, Job Hunting and Success. Scott wrote a book for HarperCollins in 1993 called Ninja Secrets of Persuasion that serves as the theme for many of his Keynote speeches and Sales Training programs.

Ninja Secrets of Persuasion

Ninja were not sociopathic assassins, as they are depicted in Hollywood. They were content to live in the Mountain Provinces of Japan in totality with nature. They were, however, pressed into military service a thousand years ago, by escalating feuds between Japanese warlords.

It was at this point in their history, a collection of resourceful, mystical survival methods, including information gathering and non-detection, made the ninja the first codified league of covert persuaders.

Much like the business person of today, the Ninja used knowledge as a subtle form of intimidation and were masters of disguise:

  • Their beliefs made them powerful
  • They possessed superior knowledge
  • They anticipated all outcomes
  • They were resourceful
  • They were terrific actors and even altered their appearance to fit their mission
  • And, whenever possible…they were invisible

Join Author, Business Consultant and Talk Show Host, Scott Passeser, as he transforms you from an overt persuader to a covert persuader. In one hour, you will learn how to persuade without activating the “anti-salesman radar” we all possess. Your communication adversary will never know you have engaged him in a battle he cannot win.

Scott will teach you to:

    • Develop a powerful belief in your ability to persuade
    • Use knowledge and logic as a subtle form of intimidation
    • Collect information from people using the power of Cornerstones
    • Become a master of disguise and modify, in seconds, your “Act”
    • Anticipate all that can defeat you
    • Possess the number one skill in the world—Resourcefulness
    • Alter your communication style- much like a chameleon alters their appearance
  • Use all of the above to gain situational and conversational control ——invisibly

Scott Passeser Bio:

  • Motivational, Keynote Speaker at more than 400 business events, schools and sales organizations
  • 25 years experience as a Sales and Management Consultant amp; Executive Coach
  • Creator and Host of “Jobline,” a Long Island business television program broadcast weekly on News 12 since 1989
  • Author, Ninja Secrets of Persuasion,
  • Selected by the Consortium of Worker Education in October, 2001 to run a 12 month Re-employment program, which provided comprehensive career services to over 1000 workers dislocated by the events of 9/11
  • Published feature writer on the subject of career management, persuasive communi-cation and job hunting- Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday
  • Adjunct Professor, Hofstra University; Subjects included job interviewing, self-marketing and persuasive communication skills
  • Featured on “Larry King Live”


  • Event Keynotes
  • Management Consulting
  • Group amp; Individual Training
  • Executive Coaching

Scott Passeser