Media Advisories/Press Conferences

Are you tapping into the power of public relations? Our strategic marketing plans include use of the media to create awareness. We can help you create news about your company, product or events that will be of interest to print, television, radio, and online mediums because it is built on current trends and headlines. We prepare media advisories for distribution to our sources and follow up with reps, inviting them to be a part of the news we create. How are you sending your message? Are you motivating the press to amplify your achievements and publicize your events?  There is a science to media advisories and we have the formula. Consistent corporate messaging to media outlets can carry your message into local, regional and global markets with stunning results. Regardless of where your business is located, a press release or media advisory is nothing less than free advertising. Have a major announcement? We can arrange a press conference complete with an executive dais.